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Change Gears

Change Gears are primarily used in machinery where gear ratios are frequently changed. Every consecutive number of teeth are available from 20 teeth to 120 teeth (up to 200 teeth in some pitches). Change Gears are flat plain style spur gears without hubs.

A "gear-train" or series of change gears may operate together in trains of idler gears mounted on compound double keyway bushings.

Change Gears are referred to as the "G" series part numbers in the range of 20 teeth and up, each gear having the same bore, face and double keyway dimensions for a given pitch. Two gears may be assembled on a single change gear bushing to form a single compound unit.

"A" series Change Gears are furnished with smaller minimum plain bores which can be re-bored to suit varying shaft sizes. "A" series gears start at 10 teeth.

Change Gears are interchangeable with other types of Spur Gears including Internal Gears, Stem Pinions and Gear Rack.

RUSH GEARS also sells GEAR GAGES! Gear Gages reduce mistakes, save time and money when identifying and ordering gears. These pitch templates are available in nine sets to identify all the standard pitch sizes: Diametral Pitch "DP", Circular Pitch "CP", External Involute Splines, Metric Module "MOD", Stub Tooth, Fine Pitches, Coarse Pitches and Unusual Pitches. Refer to the section on GEAR GAGES for catalog numbers when ordering.

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