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Company History

formerly known as Globe Gear Company was founded in August 1919 by George Johnston and his father, Thomas. They began by offering custom gears and machine parts. The business has remained in the family ever since. In the late 1950's we shifted our focus to producing off the shelf stock gears sold through a nationwide network of distributors. In the mid-1990s,™ eliminated the stock gear program and returned to producing custom gears made to order. To better reflect our "rush service," we officially changed our trade name to Rush Gears Inc. on January 1, 1998. Today the 4th and 5th generations of the business continue to produce gears for prototypes, replacement parts, and OEM production runs.™ looks forward to serving the needs of industry for the next 100 years.

services thousands of applications ranging from Agriculture, Machine Shops, Manufacturing, Mining, Robotics, Packaging, Printing, Textiles to Woodworking. Uniquely, offers all customers rush deliveries ranging from same day to 8 weeks depending on the complexity, quantity, and size of the part(s). Some may see 8 weeks and think that's not a rush delivery but when dealing with very complex gears in large quantities 8 weeks is like next day service when the next best quoted delivery is 16 to 20 weeks from some other manufacturers.

To meet the delivery needs and urgencies of each individual customer, is dedicated to one objective:


Rush Gears will be closing at 1pm Friday May 24th and will re-open 8am Tuesday May 28th.