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$4750.00 Minimum

You may look at your part and think "there is no way this little part, that fits in the palm of my hand, costs more than $100", and you may be right, but everything we make is custom and therefore requires a unique setup for every step of the manufacturing process (turning, cutting, milling, grinding, heat treating, etc). In some cases we will need to reverse-engineer your part and/or make custom tooling. These are some of the reasons why we have a $4750 minimum order value. Your minimum order value may be higher depending on the complexity of part you need.

Your next question might be "how do I get my part for $100?". If you look at the table below you will see how increasing the quantity will lower the price of your part. That's how it was originally made in order to sell it for under $100.

Prototype Pricing

Please see our prototype page where we explain how you will get a large discount if you place both the prototype order and production run order with us. Click this link to view our prototype discount service.