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Custom Timing Pulleys

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Timing belts and pulleys offer a positive drive through the engagement of the molded teeth in the belt with accurately spaced grooves on the pulley. The action of the belt teeth entering and leaving the pulley grooves is positive, smoother operating and more silent than other types of drives.

American Standard HTD Synchroflex
MXL - .080 Pitch 3MM Pitch T2.5MM Pitch
XL - .200 Pitch 5MM Pitch T5MM Pitch
L - .375 Pitch 8MM Pitch T10MM Pitch
H - .500 Pitch 14MM Pitch T10MM Pitch
XH - .875 Pitch 20MM Pitch --
XXH - 1.250 Pitch -- --

Flanged Pulleys    VS    Unflanged Pulleys

When the center distance is greater than eight times the diameter of the smaller pulley or when the drive is operating vertically both pulleys should be flanged.